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Build your own Furry Friend in the comfort of your own Home

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Bear in a Box is a build it yourself kit designed for you to stuff your own bear at home.

This easy to do kit comes with the Skin of your new furry friend plus ample new fill for you to stuff your own bear.

Individually your selection could be worth up to $150.

Why not have the fun of Building you very own Furry Friend today at home with family & friends. 

Have magical teddy bear picnic’s with your new furry friend or take them on your next adventure ⛵️

Skin of Choice
Teddy Heart ❤️ 
Clothing item of Choice                                                          Pair of Teddy Sneakers 
Fiber Fill stuffing
Birth Certificate
All inside a special Teddy courier box

Please note this excercise is not suitable for children under 3.  All children should be supervised whilst stuffing their own bears.